#AssamBachao Video Contest

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Video contest details

#AssamBachao is a video contest for the people of Assam. It aims to give the voices of Assam, a platform to express the problems currently being faced by the state. This is an initiative for all residents to strongly put out the concerns of Assam in a creative, meaningful manner & also win prizes for these efforts.

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How to Participate

  • All you need to do is use your phone and make a video and upload it on your social media using the #AssamBachao
  • Remember to keep the privacy settings public while uploading so that we can find it!
  • Once your video is posted on your social media account, submit the link on our website www.assambachao.in
  • We will be going through each one of your videos & pick daily winners, so don't hold back on the creativity & presentation- Go all out! Record your surroundings, make a documentary, sing, dance, paint, give a Speech, act it out to make your point!

Win Everyday

Terms and Conditions


Lucrative prizes ranging from 1 iPhone 12, 3 OnePlus phones & 100 Cash prizes Transfers will be given away DAILY for the winners. So get going and participate now

Terms and Conditions

  • Duration of the video should be minimum 1 and maximum 2 minutes
  • The video is to be uploaded on a prominent social media platform of your choice (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube) using the hashtag #AssamBachao in the caption/description
  • The videos uploaded without the #AssamBachao will be disqualified
  • Ensure that the uploaded/published content is set to "public" view- on all social media handles handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube ) else we will not be able to view the video
  • Make sure to submit your correct information while submitting your entry
*For more information and queries, refer to the FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the #AssamBachao video campaign?
This campaign is an appeal to all Assamese people to speak up and speak out about the myriad problems our state is facing today. We have requested people to make a video of maximum 2 minutes and post it on social media to help create a widespread public dialogue on what ails Assam today.
Is #AssamBacaho a video contest or a campaign?
It is both. Anyone can participate in the campaign by posting a video of at most 120 seconds and using the #AssamBachao hashtag. To submit the video for the contest, however, they must fill a form at assambachao.in/VideoForm. Awards shall be announced daily during the contest period.
How is #AssamBachao linked to the Congress party’s manifesto making exercise?
The first step to solve a problem is to acknowledge and understand a problem. This campaign is for that first step. The feedback from this campaign will tell us what are the most urgent issues to be taken up in our manifest. The Congress party’s manifesto shall offer solutions to these very problems.
Why should I participate in #AssamBachao campaign?
Every Assamese should participate in the campaign because the BJP doesn’t want we the people to discuss problems and issues. Having made a mess of governance in Assam, having rekindled old fires and lit new ones, the BJP has an all-is-well approach. To bring Assam out of this state of denial, let us first acknowledge the challenges we face. That is why you should participate in this campaign.
Who can participate in #AssamBachao campaign?
Absolutely anyone who is a citizen of Assam, living anywhere in the world.
What are the prizes for the best #AssamBachao videos?
There are some prizes ranging from iPhones to small cash amounts. Prizes will be announced daily till the end of the campaign period, 28 February.
On what basis are the #AssamBacaho prize-winning videos selected?
Our manifesto committee and its volunteers will watch every single video. The prize winning videos will be the ones that stand out from others in any way: creativity, articulation, unique issue, going viral, etc.
What is the deadline for making a video as part of #AssamBachao?
You can make and post videos with #AssamBachao hashtag till whenever you like, but for the contest only form submissions received until midnight on 28 February will be accepted.
Is it compulsory to submit my #AssamBachao video link on assambachao.in?
Only if you want to win a prize!
I am 16 years old and not eligible to vote. Can I participate in #AssamBachao video contest?
By all means. The contest is open to everyone. You are the future of Assam. Take charge!
I don’t live in Assam and won’t be there to vote. Can I participate in #AssamBachao contest?
How many social media platforms do I have to post my video in to participate?
At least one — but the more the merrier. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.
Can I make more than one video?
Make and post as many as you like. Send them all for the contest entries too.
Does it have to be a selfie video for the #AssamBachao contest?
Not at all. You could have a conversation with a friend or interview your neighbour or have a group discussion with colleagues. Whatever format you like.
I am a member of the Congress party. Am I eligible to participate in #AssamBachao?
Yes, why not?
Can I make a professional-looking edited video for #AssamBachao with music etc?
As you wish!
Does the #AssamBachao video have to be two minutes long?
No, the upper limit is 2 minutes or 120 seconds.
Can I recite a poem written by me or someone else instead of talking?
Let your creativity and imagination run wild. Think out of the box. The issues that concern us the most need widespread public attention. Creativity will help with that.
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