Job Guarantee

About the Employment Registration Drive:

An initiative by Congress to eliminate the issue of unemployment in the state. The Employment Registration Drive (name) has been launched to help people to get employed.


Why the need for an Employment Registration Drive?

BJP in its vision document promised to give 25 lakh jobs but in its 5-year tenure could only give 80,000 jobs which are like 3% of the promise made.

Congress on the other hand doesn’t believe in election gimmicks like BJP and therefore has come forward with an Employment Registration drive with a promise to give support to the people of Assam by promising them a solution against unemployment. This registration drive promises not only jobs but also provides a long-term solution to unemployment.

How to Register?

  1. The first field requires the name of the applicant. Then comes the details of the birth date. After that, the name of the district selected from the drop-down menu, Phone number, and qualification(do we need this?) must be selected from the drop-down menu.
  2. After entering the details, the “Submit” button must be clicked. Doing this will generate a Registration Number. Which will be sent to the mobile number that has been mentioned in the form of an SMS. Keep this registration number handy.

Registration Form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1What is the Congress Job Guarantee Registration?

Ans: If register with this job guarantee registration drive, the Congress government is guaranteeing it will get you a job on a priority basis.

In a few weeks Assam will have a Congress-led Mahajot government. The Congress is guaranteeing that it will create 1 lakh government jobs every year, which comes to 5 lakh government jobs in 5 years. Furthermore, it is guaranteeing the creation of 25 lakh private sector jobs in 5 years.

2But how do we believe Congress can create 5 lakh government jobs?

Ans: The Congress government will first fill the vacant posts available. XYZ post in the Assam government are vacant. Thereafter, new posts will be created to fill the governance gap. Assam is facing an acute shortage of teachers, doctors, medical staff, flood relief staff and others. These new posts won’t be created just to create new jobs but to fill the governance gap and improve the lives of all the people of Assam. The 5 lakh job promise is thus at the heart of the Congress plan to revive the state and its economy and take it to the next level.

3There are at least 20 lakh unemployed educated youth in Assam. How is 5 lakh jobs enough for us?

Ans: It is not! That’s why the Congress is guaranteeing a minimum of 25 lakh private sector jobs.

4How will he incoming Congress government create 25 lakh private sector jobs?

Ans: The Congress party has studied the state’s economic condition as of 2021 and come to the conclusion that there is huge untapped potential for private sector job creation in the state. Currently, the private sector in Assam is small Assamese companies unable to grow, and companies coming in from outside Assam to plunder our resources and create very few jobs in return. The incoming Congress government shall promote local start-ups, help Assamese start-ups scale up, make a policy that all companies working in Assam must hire 80% staff locally for their Assam projects. Furthermore, at least 50% value of government contracts will go to Assamese companies. We shall create a law for this. Guarantee!

5Do I have to pay anything to register for the job guarantee?

Ans: You are confusing us with other parties.

6What skills and qualifications do I need to apply for the job guarantee?

Ans: We shall attempt to get everyone a job, even those with no degrees, in public or private sector.

7If the incoming Congress government can’t get me a job, who do I approach?

Ans: The Congress government will create a new ministry, the Ministry of Job Creation. If you are unable to get a job, catch the minister!

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